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'bout time I put up an introduction.

I'm new to the eab, but not new to Amigas. I have owned Amigas since 1993 when I bought an A600. That soon got upgraded to a 1200!!

My mate introduced me to the Amiga scene in 1990 when he had an A1000 and we used to play Bubble Bobble till the early hours on many occasion. It's still my favourite game on the Amiga ever! (And my wifes!)

I have been playing with Amigas ever sincce and up until 2002 I had a somewhat expanded 1200 as my main machine, doing everything I needed. Unfortunately, I had to sell that to buy a windoze box so my kids could have 100% compatability with school etc.

Still, I kept a load of other Amigas, and bits I had aquired over the years and am now coming to the end of my latest project, my A1200L. A laptop 1200. Yeah, I know it's been done before, I have done it myself before, but this one is a bit different from what I have seen before.

A1200 with 040/40 32Mb
Slim laptop CD
Slim laptop floppy
4GB CF hard drive
12" colour TFT
Slimline PS2/USB keybpard
Track pad / optional external mouse
Audio mixer and amplifier combining native and CD audio
PCMCIA CF adapter for file transfers
PCMCIA wireless card

Currently it works on mains supply only but I will be fitting a battery soon for true portability, even if it is only for 20-30 minutes!

There you go, thats me in a nutshell!
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