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Originally Posted by oRBIT View Post
I'm pretty confident the CPU-core runs realtime on a 68030/50. The graphicsengine works with chunkypixels at the moment and converting 256x240x5 at 50/60fps on AGA is obviously a challenge (however it was coded that way with Natami in mind).
I haven't measured any cycles.
Of course, 1.8MHz CPU can be emulated without problems by 68030 50MHz, but if 8bit CPU works at 100% of possible power, then simple code emulation for 68030 50 MHz needs about 80% of 68030 power = no enough CPU power for graphics engine emulation. Anyway if you want I can put online short (out of registers) routine before optimalisation and after optimalisation, speed differences is about 20%. Maybe you can see some useful ideas/tricks for your (out of registers) routines?
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