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This is what I gathered from reading back a couple of weeks in the thread on a1k. This info is the latest available in that thread, but it's from April, so if someone has more current info then please educate us

Status: A500 adapter designed, end of April: figuring out CPLD routing / accelerator (he's working on both the ACA520 and Indivision Mk2 to finish them at the same time).

Design: Passive CPU-socket adapter for A500 (A1000/A2000 adapters planned, A1000 one will maybe have chipmem expansion but not the others. CDTV is not supported.) There are no chips on this board. Board has a 68-pin adapter in the front right corner where the accelerator sits. A1200 Turbo Card adapter is on the accelerator.

A500 adapter design:

From this follows that IDE, clockport, and fastmem are on the accelerator and none will be accessible for the 68000; in fact, you throw away your 68000. Instead he will try to make a slowed down emulated mode: 7MHz 68020, all fastmem off, caches off, 24-bit addressing mode.

New specs:
  • 68020 card+16 MB fastram+clockport in a CPU-adapter
  • port for A1200 turbo card that can use Buddha IDE and 1MB of the fastmem
  • IDE port (supporting TrueIDE without multiboot) to onboard CF card adapter, supports all CF cards that are not too slow
  • IDE port "for extra IDE unit like CD-ROM"
  • 100Mbps network port
  • 1MB flash memory for large or custom Kickstarts (Deneb was mentioned)
  • MapROM supported (uses 1MB fastram)
  • Supports Buddha via install disk
  • any expansion meant for side expansion port or CPU socket is not supported
  • Built-in autoboot for kick 1.3
  • Fits with most chipram expansions for A500, GAL ones must be modified to fit.
  • supports Kickstart-floppies (to be used instead of a ROM-switch, presumably; motherboard Kickstart-ROM is to be thrown away. Kick 1.2 will work with CF card, f.ex.)

Again, this is preliminary (and old) info, and I may have misread something, but I don't think so. An educated guess puts the release date of Indivision Mk2 and ACA520 at end of August.

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