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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
Maybe you could change the palette temporarily (eg. black and white -> background colour) while doing this so that it's not visible to the user.
I can do that that will be a simple change

Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
>I noticed that I think it is because of AmigaBASIC and the Code I used. I think I have an idea on how to fix it.

One way would be to write your own input routine using INKEY$.
my original idea didn't work but it has been changed to use the joystick

Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
IIRC you can use the CLEAR command to increase the maximum size of programs. Eg. CLEAR ,50000. The comma is needed. The default is 25000 which isn't much.
I'll have to try that, I was compiling it after every change and running the compiled program to check if it was working properly because it wasn't running in AmigaBASIC.

I think I have changed most of the things you have suggested but I am only about 1/8 through making the falling animations.

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