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The easiest way is a compact flash transfer kit, Amigakit sell a ready made setup which is perfect for novice users:

You can use this to transfer file to and from your Amiga and also to write back ADF's to blank DD Disks to be played on the Amiga. (this is done on the Amiga side)

Now, you can put this kit together youself whih requires some more knowledge, it is possible to put the drivers (compactflash.device) and Fat95 on your A1200 using a 720k formatted Floppy Disk which the PC should also be able to read.

You can get these files for Aminet, however if you are just starting out like I was a couple of years back you might find it easier to go with the first option, like I did

There are other ways like a NULL Modem Cable, PCMCIA networking or you can even hook your Amiga's HDD up to the PC and use WinUAE to transfer files. But like I said, the Compact flash setup is the best and easiest way for you to transfer some files.

If you need any more help just ask!

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