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Originally Posted by Elwoodb View Post

I read here about batches of 50 boards. This will imply a lot of waiting of interested Amigans.

Did someone think about checking with ACube Systems? They can build batches of 100 boards every 2 weeks!
Also, they paid Dennis van Weeren for his work on the Minimig so they will certainly do the same for this new product. Every people behind such product should be rewarded.
here some news of i had with mikej

" Re: FPGA Replay Board
Originally Posted by digiflip
you forgot the 4th way mikej's atx pcb adapter
The ATX adapter still connect to the 4 way molex (hard drive connector) - the other end connects to the 20 pin ATX supply.
The adapter boards main job is allow you to turn the PSU on and off with the push button.

The boards come fully assembled to me, the same machine fits all components - including the BGA.

I'm in discussions to build 500 after the next 44, this will happen as soon as the 44 are shifted out and appear to be completely stable.
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