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How do I switch between games "A" and "B"?

When first loading, various graphics tiles flash briefly at the top left corner of the screen.

Things which might be limitations of AmigaBASIC or your compiler: It's possible to "rub out" the prompt messages, eg. the "input name" prompt. Window should relayout when it is resized, otherwise not much point having a resize gadget. Amiga-. or Ctrl-C gives an error message. "Quit" menu item should have an Amiga-Q shortcut. Menus are hard to read, maybe redefine the yellow pen as grey.

Various things are different to original, eg. font, colours, "miss" display, "game over" message, missing "man falling" animation, sound, etc. but you would already know that, I assume.

Suggestion: Not much point having "Play again (Y/N)", better to just have "press any key or press fire on joystick to play again". User can use window close gadget if they want to quit.
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