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Lonewolf, that is a feature, not a bug .

Originally Posted by lifeschool View Post
Only discovered version 1 of this game yesterday; blew me away. Lost gem! Then today I find this thread and v1.30. Wow! Cutting edge Amiga technology. Keep up the great work Cricky!

Only issue: V1 works fine under WHDLoad, but the new 1.30 has line redraw glitches with my 030, I expect due to caches being enabled. When I walk off screen and back on, these line glitches disappear. Can you fix this for me?
thank you for the compliments .
Line glitches, I've never had that with my game before. Don't know if anybody else has had this? You don't need WHDLoad to run my game, just drag and drop to install.
I'm all out of idea sorry. Maybe you could try running game from a floppy, as maybe you running out of chip memory, but that is just a guess. What is your full System spec just for the record?
If you get it working, please post back to let others know how you fixed it, in case they have same problem.

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