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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
You just need 3 bombs and enough energy. I also dont know what the star trekking is, but mountain climbing imho should something to do with the mount in the first screen of that level. I am able to climb high, but not enough high probably.

Mountain climbing is easy to do and can be done with no bombs, but for some strange reason the trophy only pops out when you crouch at the right spot - I had actually been doing the mountain climbing achievement many times before I discovered how to make the trophy appear!

My "scream time" is now 0.02 seconds short of the target time and I managed to beat DJC's score on medium deifficulty by 50 points! It's probably easier on hard mode!!

DJC, sorry but I found another bug

If you press "P" it pauses the game. Pressing fire button restarts, no problem there. However if you press "P" say 4 times, then you have to press the fire button 4 times to unpause it - the first 3 times act as a frame-advance function.

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