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I think i may have misunderstood Cannon Fodder at the time. Despite my really trying to get on with the game, to me it seemed a bit random. War is i guess and so i would probably need to embrace that mechanic before i could enjoy the game. I used to load this in just for the recruitment music screen- both versions had excellent songs here

Sensi is the most obvious that people point to and it's an excellent game, just not as good as KO2- a minority opinion i'm sure but Sensi lacks the more subtle interaction between ball and player. Sensi has it's own depth there and is actually probably a better representation of the sport than KO2, but it's restricting in other ways regards to those found better in KO2. Sensi is tighter and perhaps more intuitive

Wizball though borders on genius i think, though it can be a little frustrating

Great company well deserving of the praise it recieved- more so than Team 7 in fact- and unlike most of Team 17 games, their games had both loads of polish and more finely crafted gamepay
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