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but it should also compile with sas/c.
No; when it was first open sourced it did, but since then SAS/C support has been removed as part of the so-called "improvements" and I will have to re-add it before it will even compile. I've already built the original version successfully but 3.5.09 and 3.5.10 are going to be much more work to build. <sigh>

Hope it's not too much work for you.
I will make a wishlist of your suggestions but I'm not promising anything at this point. I have sources of V3.5.10 but AFAIK no binary of it was ever released, so for now the objective is just to build and release an executable of V3.5.10. Since I'll be doing this with SAS/C, a side-benefit of this work will be the re-addition of SAS/C support to the source code.


Thanks for the kind words...
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