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Originally Posted by Kristian95 View Post
Sorry for the thread necro, I have been abscent from EAB for quite a while.

Georg: I am very sorry that someone uploaded your files without your permission. I can guarantee that I was not the one who did that. I know you did a lot of work developing the GBA1000, something which I am very grateful for, and something I respect a lot. Hence I would never do something disrespectful towards you.

If I was to get involved in any production of any of your designs, I would always make sure it is ok with you first as well, like I did with the group order of the GBA1000 boards back then.
I just don't see why it has to be so hard to get these file's were a Amiga
community looking to make are own amiga's what is the problem with
Hell finding the GBA1000 made me want to learn SMD tech I stopped soldering when SMD started it just cost to much back in the day..

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