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James Bond: The Stealth Affair - DOS

This is the US version of Operation Stealth - 256 color version. It was published by Interplay in the US.

I've been looking for a 100% working copy of this for DOS for a long time. All the Abandonware sites I know of have copies that crash at either of two points - When in the bank with the two spies or when entering the dictator's palace when disguised as performers.

In addition to the James Bond name change from the original - the maze sequences have been changed and there are less of them (2 instead of 4 in the original Operation Stealth ) to make the game play easier. Plus some translation errors that were in the original Operation Stealth have been fixed.

If someone out there happens to have original floppies of the game and can copy them off for me or has a copy that they have played through and is 100% - please contact me.

To clarify myself:
--I am looking for the DOS version NOT the AMIGA version
--I am looking for James Bond: The Stealth Affair NOT Operation Stealth. (I already have a working copy of Operation Stealth)
--All the copies on Abandonware sites that I've checked - don't work %100 - so don't say "well, XYZ site has it!" unless you know for certain that it is %100
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