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Yes it is SDL frontend that you have now.

There is no doubt that netsurf is better than aweb. ReAction Gui might be easiest/fastest because Chris has already done some work towars OS3.X version, so you don't need to start from scrats. MorpOS / MUI version is old and outdated.

I belive that native 68k version would be usefull with 030 /32mb ram systems, atleast RiscOS version is usefull with equalent system.

There is menus in OS4 version, screen shot is from kiosk mode.

Here lastest OS4 specifig changes:

* Improved bitmap caching.
* Fixed menus in kiosk mode.
* Improved filetype handling.
* Fixed menu shortcuts.
* Replaced hotlist with core hotlist.
* Replaced global history with core global history.
* Replaced cookie manager with core cookie manager.
* Replaced SSL cert. inspection with core SSL cert. inspection.
* Improved Cairo and non-Cairo plotters.
* Added auto-scroll on selection drags beyond window boundaries.
* Improved clipboard handling.
* Improved icon usage.
* Improved stability.
* Some incomplete work towards AmigaOS 3 support.
* Disabled iframes by default.
* Set CSS system colours from the pens in the screen DrawInfo table.
* Fixed kiosk mode to always fill screen.
* Improved scheduler.
* Made new tabs open to show homepage.
* Obtain download filename from the core.
* Added history content menus to back and forward buttons.
* Bitmap rendering optimisations.
* Improved download handling.
* Runtime selection of graphics plot implementations.
* Updated About requester.
* Enabled fast scrolling for all content types.

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