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>Netsurf should be quite easy to port for 68k amiga.

I've got NetSurf 68K version running here, I assume this is the SDL version that has been mentioned?

I maybe would consider doing an OS3 ReAction-based port, I'd have to be convinced that it was much better than AWeb though, which I'm not. There's no menus on this version (!) so I'm not sure what features it offers, if any. Is this intentional or are they missing? Is there a comparative feature list anywhere?

Here you can read 68k netsurf's features: (this is an old version, but Arthur has got a new version which he hasn't released yet).

The OS4 version supports multi-tabbed browsing, being a native Reaction version, while the OS3.x one doesn't.

Here's latest os4 version's features by Chris:

Please do it !! It would be appreciated by many.
Also, you could add Aweb excellent arexx interface to netsurf.

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