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Yes mfilos, the patch for the PowerIcons program is the same again, but not everybody may have this already. The new version is 0.07 (PNG FAKE).

Of course, the icon.library still works under AfA_OS 4.7+, but not with the PowerIcons program together, as mentioned in my Readme. And the PowerIcons program also doesn't like DOpus Magellan as state in Elena's Readme, too. But not everyone can read nowadays

Update: icon.library 46.4.214 removes a small bug concerning the local datatype settings for WarpPNG and PNGdt 44.6 which could have blocked your settings for a datatype based picture viewer. These internal local settings are now deleted when the icon processing is done. So, you won't see a yellow/orange background any more if your pictures has an alpha channel. Before 46.4.213 this background was always black and nobody would have noticed that bug.

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