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15.56 - 16.50 Agree.

I have nothing against modern games, but they are so similar to each other (as Jon said) and I have no time and mood for trying every single one, playing demos, reading reviews and decide which games are worth playing. Its easier to download freely distributable game that I've got on my list of "want to play sometime" games and get back to 80s or 90s, for free, in few secs/mins.

I think he's saying what most of the retrogamers already know.

Sensible Soccer, SWOS and Mega Lo Mania are great games, SWOS is one of my favs of alltimes, its nice to see an interview with someone who gave me so much fun

Thanks for this interview, Matt

Pitty these GODS of 80s and 90s gaming are not memebers of this (or other) forums
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