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Newbie but not new to amigas!

Hey guys!

I recently signed up having dug the A500 out of the loft, after it was put in there about 10 years ago due to a broken disc drive!, i'm only 23 years old but the Amiga was the first home computer I used, albeit just for gaming! I managed to get an A500 disc drive off ebay brand new, when i got it, it was a slimmer A1200 drive, but came with the necessary raisers, popped it in, and it works flawlessly!

NOW the essay is over..

I have a minor rant, over the years i think our amiga discs have been scattered in diff boxes amongst various electronics etc, i am missing some discs, i have some empty boxes etc, this has really peeved me off..

Another thing I am trying to do, is remember the name of a game, would really be helpful if anyone could shed some light.

It was what i think was a puzzle game, it was set in a nice looking house/mansion that looked very posh, sorry for the very vague description!

I look forward to reading through these forums

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