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When will Mediapoint RTG be available???
MediaPointRTG is OS4 only. It will be available as soon as OS4 is available. Maybe the CyberstormPPC version will hit the shelves in December.


Hahah It´s Shareware but no Shareware-Version for download So why don´t they claim it as commercial product, cause it is
I guess he just forgot to update the Website. Hollywood is based on "Rainboot", a Shareware program.

A few notes to people interested in Hollywood:

It's script-based. No fancy GUI editor (yet...). Quite powerful, but also requires quite a bunch of memory and some effects (especially scrolling effects) require lots of CPU power (68060). Scala Support is planned (compile your Scala scripts into an RTG compliant executable with Hollywood.

I think he'll make some applications created with Hollywood available on Aminet soon.
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