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Thanks, guys. I wouldn't be surprised if Jon's comments set off a firestorm of criticism (already seeing some people offended by his remarks about Mass Effect and COD). It must have really been a different world for him, back when game publishers expected (not tolerated or were skeptical) of original ideas for games. Now, of course, you can't even get started unless you're part of a giant team working on an "established franchise" such as COD.

I see good and bad things here. I love the slick production values of COD, for instance. But I miss the diversity you used to find at the gameshop. Thankfully, I agree fully with Jon that the new markets (especially iTunes and Android) are really opening up to new stuff. Sadly, it's only a matter of a few generations (if that!) before the mobile tech gets as good or superior to the desktop/consoles, and then it will just be the same for everyone again.
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