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Wow, really enjoyed this weeks instalment. I agree, Tiny Wings isn't anything special or something we haven't seen before. It is a step back from the 2D games of old.

Lots of interesting ideas and thoughts coming from Jon. I'm really surprised, given his enthusiasm for innovative gaming, he hasn't got more action games like Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder. It should be him who is bringing out really addictive 2D games on the phones just like the good old days. A lot of past Amiga game designers should be banding together and jumping on this boat.

The word explorer game sounds interesting and new, but would it have been a huge hit on the 8bits and 16bits? I want to see Cannon Fodder 3 on the phones, but it sounds like Jon doesn't want to go backwards.

All the best to him anyway - sounds like a top bloke, and like many retrogamers, seems to still have that kid inside - even at 45!
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