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Happy you are all still playing....

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Just completed the game on Medium level. Some more achievements reached, too.

After looking through the achievements menu / table and returning to main menu, if I press Esc here, the game crashes instead of returning to the workbench.
hmmm, not sure if I've had that, all fine with my PC emulator. All I can say is don't press the ESC key when in the achievements menu. I will see if there is anything a foot.

Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
I seem to be so unlucky with bonuses (see attached picture)!
Ah yes, that bonus is from that dead Green Blobs head. When you shoot them, their heads pop up so fast they sometimes get stuck in the ceiling. Then the bonus letter comes out and that is stuck too out of reach. I really needed to fix that sorry. It happens once in million. With you being the 1 in a million unlucky person, you get the 1 in the million every time you play . All I can say is don't put the lotto on, you will be wasting your money

Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
possible bug:

I used the bazooka (hold down fire button to launch shot) at the last screen (missile) and was able to blast a hole in it without blowing up the missile!!!
I was then able to jump through said hole (thanks to little platform that sticks up) to the other side, but unable to jump back through (it was too high up).

I tried using the high jump trick and ended up stood ontop of the tip of the missile when the game suddenly cut to the ending. Not sure if it ended because the missile was "destroyed" or because I ended up going into the screen (if there is one) above the missile screen.
Ha ha , That would have made a great Achievement. I wish I have had thought of that . Achievement name "STOOD ALOFT A MISSILE" . No secret screen above the missile, but there is one below it however.

Originally Posted by trackah123 View Post
Hats off to the one that made this game. Looks great i never saw it before!
And from that youtube video, the music sounds amazing, it really gives a good "atmosphere" to the game.
Thanks for the nice comments. Hope I don't disappoint you too much, but the music on that Youtube video was added to the video by the guy that made the video (ScHlAuChi). It's not in fact in my game. Reading the read me to his video says it's from Nightmare Creatures Playstation Game. I agree that music has great atmosphere, and all should play it while playing my game.

Originally Posted by XDelusion View Post
MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS!!!!!! Great work my man, MUCH more than I expected!!!!
Have you been Star Trekking, XDelusion? Thank you.

Wonder who will be the first to post a completed Achievements page .

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