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Originally Posted by TroyDavis View Post
So... when can we get our hands on a Mk2?
There is no release date yet. Please monitor the news, and please don't ask me (or the resellers) for a release date, as it's just taking up valuable time.

Originally Posted by dannyp1 View Post
My question is will the new Indivision AGA fit with a 1200 keyboard adapter installed in my custom tower. The original one really doesn't fit as it should and I have to use a DCE Flicker Magic instead because it fits fine.
Lyra and Lyra2 fit fine. The Elbox adapters can be modded to properly fit with the old Indivision AGA. If you're looking for an opportunity to switch to a more sophisticated adapter that also lets you press several keys at a time (play games!) and supports multimedia keys, maybe "now" is a good time to look at Lyra 2.

The new Indivision AGA MK2 will most probably fit with the Elbox keyboard adapter without modifications. It's just a millimeter or two that the Elbox adapter reaches into the space of the old Indivision, and I have accounted for that in the new board outline.

Originally Posted by AmigaDave View Post
Without opening up my A1200 and looking, is the adding of holes above the Lisa chip a modification that is possible for the early IndivisionAGA models?
That's not possible on the old 1200 version, as there are traces in the way. Also, drilling a hole into a 4-layer multilayer PCB is *always* a bad idea, as the inner layers are used for power and ground. You are likely to make a short, no matter how careful you are.

Cooling on the A1200 is sufficient through the PCB. Note that Lisa is soldered to the A1200 circuit board, and the 84 pins are 84 little heatsinks with a large heatsink (circuit board itself!) and venting holes on the bottom of the A1200 case. Just don't place the A1200 directly on a carpet.

The A4000D is different, it is closed on the bottom, so more airflow on top is required.

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