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You can define the keys in the full version so the controls aren't a problem.

However - in the PC verison of Last Ninja 1, which I recorded a long time ago now, the controls are *awful* - possibly the worst I've ever encountered.
Recording that game was pure hell.

It's a bit hard to explain but I'll try - you use the numpad, and pressing a direction makes the ninja run until you press a key to make him stop.
This makes it very difficult when jumping on little rocks across rivers and such.

But the worst problem was how you turn the ninja - as I mentioned, you use the numpad keys... but they seem to operate rather like a joystick in that you can't just press left to turn left, for instance.

Instead of trying to explain how it works, I'll rather give an example of what you have to press to turn from facing north to facing south - if 8 is north and 2 is south, and you're facing north... you have to press 9,6,3,2 or 7,4,1,2.
In other words, you have to do the full 'circle' on the numpad to turn... combined with the ninja running in the direction you press until you stop him, this is REALLY frustrating to play.

It's very hard to describe just how bad this is, if you want to experience it firsthand, you can download the PC version here -

Here's the first part of that longplay, if you want to watch me struggle
[ Show youtube player ]

I practiced a lot before recording though so it doesn't look nearly (!) as frustrating as it is.
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