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The only way I can think of is to start Turbocalc to open on Workbench rather than its own screen, and then manually start the calculator so that its on top of the Turbocal window. Turbocalc's preferences should give you the option to get it to open on workbench rather than its own screen. Turbocalc should then run in its own window on the Workbench screen. Since the Amiga OS won't make Turbocalc's window the front most when you click inside its window unless you click on the depth gadget on the title bar of its window you should be able to work in Turbocalc, and still have calculator on top of Turbocalc's window to work with.

Also I would go into your tools/commodities drawer and drag the clicktofront into wbstartup. Click on it once, go to the workbench menu->icon->information, and edit the tooltype qualifier=none. Save. This will let you make the Turbocalc (or any) window the front one by L double clicking on its window title bar. Very handy to quickly make Tubocalc's window (and any other window) front most when you want to.
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