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The biggest problem is the video is a little bit choppy... the emulator doesn't have any recording options and it doesn't use DirectX or whatever is required for FRAPS to work... so I have to use a crappy desktop recorder (Camtasia).

But it's not that bad, I don't think it hurts the longplay very much.

I just hope I won't get hopelessly stuck - this version is quite different from any other version of the game, more so than any other port... it has new items (that I have no idea what are for yet) and things like that. And I can't find any guides online, this version is pretty obscure - I guess because there weren't any floppy images of it until relatively recently.

Just finished recording level 1, this is a lot of work... which was really the main reason I posted about it here to begin with, now I have a bit of pressure to finish it
I was actually stuck for a while at the end of the first level, where you need to use one of the bombs to get rid of that dragon there (same as in the other versions)... I finally got it but you have to be pixel perfect in where you stand when throwing... literally.

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