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Last Ninja Acorn Archimedes longplay

EDIT - I figured I'd post the link here as well, in case people don't feel like reading the whole thread to get to it... I finished the Last Ninja Archimedes longplay today and uploaded it on Youtube, here's the link -

[ Show youtube player ]

Had to add all the sound effects (and music of course as well, but that wasn't much work at all) manually, if you read the posts in this thread you can find the explanation why that is... but suffice to say, it was a lot of work and I don't think I'll ever be doing that again.

Here's a picture of the project in Premiere Pro, with all the sound effects manually added -

Original, old post -

Working on a longplay here, Last Ninja for the Acorn Archimedes... I can't find even small gameplay clips of this game on Youtube and I have longplays of pretty much every other LN port on there, so I really want to get this one up.

Anyway, this is the most work I've ever had with a longplay - the fighting system in the game sucks, there's no way to become good at it - you can basically hit and block.
When you block, you don't take any damage... however, the thing is - you can't tell when an enemy is about to attack and then block - the moment the enemy initiates an attack, you lose health immediately.
Also, their attack patterns are completely random, so it's really down to luck how much damage you end up taking in each fight.

Of course, the emulator doesn't support savestates
So what I ended up doing was installing the emulator in XP in VMWare, and I'm using the option in VMWare to make savestates of the full system... which then includes the emulator.
It takes quite a while to load and save the states this way of course, seeing as it saves the full system every time.

To make matters worse, whenever I load one of those states, the music in the game speeds up for a few seconds.
My first thought was to turn off the music and manually add it to the video after I'm done recording.

However, you can't disable the music

It does pause for a few seconds whenever the tune restarts (there's only one tune in the whole game), so what I did was - I used this little timeframe to record the sound effects only, without music.

So now that I have the music and sound effects recorded, whenever I finish recording a level, I add the music and every sound effect manually in Premiere Pro

This is going to take a while

If anyone knows of any way to actually play this game well (I really can't see how it's possible though), please let me know as soon as possible... I'd much rather practice and record the whole game normally without doing any of this stuff.

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