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Originally Posted by View Post
I just tried the native OS 4.1 version of GLQuake and it works on my A1200 with Radeon under AmigaOS 4.1 Classic.

What problems were you having?
There's no issue with the OS4.1 version of GLQuake, well other than its slow and choppy

I think you'll agree BlitzQuake_WOS runs much better and faster under OS3.9

I have been trying all the WarpOS ports under OS4.1 with the WarpOS emulation, they work well until you introduce Warp3D, he Warp3D driver in OS4.1 seems pretty buggy both with the Radeon and Voodoo. Most games have serious graphics glitches in Warp3D. (Except the OS4.x ports of GLQuake and PRDoom_GL) But they run really slow and choppy.

The WarpOS port, QuakeWOS runs faster in Software Rendering at 640x480 then the OS4.x one does in Warp3D at 640x480

You can see I tested them in my YouTube Vid:

[ Show youtube player ]

There are other Warp3D glitches like the shaddows on Wipeout2097 (This Video was shot with the Radeon) I didn't have the with the Voodoo 3

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