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OMG OMG - Finally I got BlitzQuake_WOS to run!

I finally figured it out! Why this Warp3D + WarpOS version of Quake wouldn't run, I could always get the 68k BlitzQuake to run as I could the WarpOS version in AGA/Software Rendering via RTG.

So what did I do? Well I was testing this game in OS4.1 and of course it would not run there either. Then I remembered to get the non GL version of Quake to run in OS4.1 I had to use Paula but via AHI. So I tried this (forcing AHI) on BlitzQuake_WOS and it loaded up but crashes out beuause it don't support the Radeon.

No biggy, I popped in the Voodoo3 instead and although it started in OS4.1 the graphics were really glitchy. Grrr...

So I took this new found knowledge to OS3.9 and IT WORKS!!!!

[ Show youtube player ]

Anyway - I just wanted to share this momentous moment with you guys!

ps. It also helps to keep plenty of free VRAM hence why I started from a low res Workbench

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