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Originally Posted by AndyLandy View Post
I've heard reports from at least one other source where their Indy AGA overheated and killed itself in this scenario.
Could you please name that source? I haven't heard anything like this, and it would be especially surprising if a low-power design like Indivision AGA, which does not require cooling at all, would overheat.

Originally Posted by AndyLandy View Post
If there's a sensible way to fit one and cool it, that would be awesome. If not, I guess I'm back to looking for a videoslot scandoubler.
The large variety of features that Indivision AGA offers is partly due to the fact that we have more signals available on the Lisa chip than on the video slot.

However, if it helps your gutt feeling: The next-generation Indivision AGA will be based on an even lower-power FPGA. While the old Indivision AGA uses 2.5V core voltage, the new version uses 1.2V core voltage. And memory is also lower power: Still 3.3V technology, but 65nm process instead of 130nm - resulting in roughly a quarter of the power consumption. This moves the status of Indivision AGA from "no cooling required" to "not the smallest temperature change during operation to be measured".

The one thing that requires cooling is Lisa. She gets quite hot if set to S-Hires modes, which is why the A4000D version had cooling holes added. The same will be done on the next-gen flickerfixers. In some cases, pixel flickeriing appeared during operation, and disappeared when the customer added a fan near those four holes - problem solved.

Graffiti emulation may not be in the first release of Indivision AGA MK2. However, it's on the wishlist and will be added with a flash update.

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