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As I see it the outline especially on Kens Icons is a lot better than the previous version. Also the quality on icons is better on the new version and a bit worse with PowerIcons enabled!
Many thanks for your screenshots, mfilos!
I regret, but the PowerIcons program has not been made with the intention to improve any ECS or AGA screen modes, it's for HiColor and TrueColor screens to display icons with direct drawing and not with color mapping. So, if you don't have a gfx-card then it won't make much sense to use the PowerIcons program. What a sad world, isn't it. But the sun glows behind my icons now, even on ECS and AGA screens

Thanks for these icon sets. I don't know yet how to distinguish between these icons and the real GlowIcons. But I will think about it and may find a solution for the next release. 45.4.212 is already uploaded to Aminet now, since I guess, this problem won't hurt too much (except for Otti, maybe, sorry Otti
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