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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
What about USB and USB Ethernet? Do you still have your Debian partition? How does your whole partition scheme look actually?
USB and USB Ethernet work with Poseidon just fine (like OS3.9) but Debian and Linux in general doesn't support USB controllers AFAIK. So you can forget about them I think.
I still have my partition and I can PM you a screenshot from the HDToolBox if you're interested.

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
That sounds like a good solution actually (light 3.1 install to start bootstrap); I assume you wouldn't need more than 10MB for all of that?
True. 10MB will be enough for a Linux Partition

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
OS 4.1 SWAP can be out of the 4GB boot device range, right?
Don't recall correctly but I think so too.

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
What do you mean about registering?
MorphOS for PuP can't be registered. There is a tool inside the OS that makes the registration (sending your personal data to MOS Team). Actually your data was sent and after some days you was getting a keyfiles. The servers are off for some years now, and despite users asking, MOS Team decided to keep them off. You can't register and not only that, but you can't even download MOS for PuP since even the website is off for some time. If you want link I can give you from my Dropbox account.

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
What about Linux reading Amiga volumes? I thought it was capable of this?
I don't remember that. I guess it could but I'm not sure. Linux isn't much usable on X Environment (I have Gnome @ 330MHz PPC) and it's a bit slow even @ 800x600.

Apart from all these questions/answers, I'd have to agree with Thomas on that.
300GB for Amiga seem a lot and unless you wanna put EVERY music/game/adf/etc that existed... you'd be happy with a lot smaller drive like an 16GB CF.
Me for example have:
- An 16GB CF (950MB DH0:OS3.9, 950MB DH1:MorphOS, 14GB DH2:Work) mounted on BPPC's SCSI via an ACard SCSI to IDE Bridge.
- An 4GB CF (950MB SDH0:OS4.0, 1GB SDH1:Work4.0, 1.5GB Ext2:Linux, 512MB Swap:Linux) mounted on an Idefix Express.

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