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Now I need some volunteers for testing icon.library 46.4.212 and for a patched version of the PowerIcons program. And I would really like to get some feedback before uploading this as a new release tonight on Aminet.

What's new?
1. A better glow effect for Ken's Icons. Please check other icon collections for possible negative side effects.

2. The PNG icon position can be fixed with snapshot now and a requester will ask you if you want to convert the icon into the OS 3.5 format. This has the advantage of getting smaller and much faster icons and the internal quality is almost as good as HiColor (stored with 16 bit precision).

3. You can check this quality with a patched version of the PowerIcons program. The patch disables the PNG detection of the PowerIcons program. Thus, the icon.library does the PNG processing, but the PowerIcons program can be used for direct drawing the icon images to any True/HiColor screen. And it will even display DualPNG icons. I just hope that Elena won't kill me for making this kind of faked version. Add a line to your startup-sequence before LoadWB like this:

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