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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Fitzsteve I would like to ask you a favour: Perhaps you could make a "guide" of how to install OS 4.1 from a virging CF, telling when and how do you install CyberGraphX, the steps and everything else for a newbie from the beginning. I know it won't be easy, but it would be a great thing at least for me.

Surely you're still upgrading it, but you could tell how you've done till now.
Hi Fernando,

OS4.1 comes with a full printed manual and FAQ. There is no need to install 3rd party drivers as the supported hardware is supported right out of the box.

All you have to do is instal from the CD following the on screen instructions, in fact the hardest part is getting it to boot from the CD and this is explained fully in the manual. If you have a 4Way IDE and CDROM/HDD or CF they both need to be on the same primary IDE port then they will be detected when you boot from the supplied Floppy Disk.

OS4.1 then boots and you are presented with the install option or you can run 'Live' from the CD.

Originally Posted by RMK View Post

Thanks for taking the time to make the videos. OS4.1 looks great-really modern. It was interesting to see OWB running. Again, it looks great, but I now see what everyone means with regards to the speed.

Well done.

No problem at all, I'm glad you enjoyed them and I enjoyed making them!

Indeed its a very modern OS compared to what we had before, its just a shame there isn't much in the way of new software being developed for it and that it only supports some of the hardware available to the Mediator.

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