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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Just completed it on easy level and I just cant believe my own eyes (and especially ears) how much the game was improved!!! Once fantastic game is now AWESOME!!!!!!!! All those sounds, even the battle trousers has its own. Rain, blood leaking and dropping, screen shakes while big explosions and many other improvements. Torture screen is pure genius. And the rocket launcher - ha ha. Now with all those trophys the game is a big big challenge, and although I loved the original version, this is much much better. I noticed you slightly altered level design in some screens - I found stairs and bridges where they werent before and you also changed pallette and at least one screen (close to the car) completelly.

I am amazed.

I just played the new improved AFF (much later than I had anticipated) and I second Predseda's comments. This great game, is definately now awesome.

I only played through on Easy, but I loved every second of it. Tomorrow I'll play it on Medium and see if I can still make it through to the end of the game.

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