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Good grief, what is it about the on-line and modern world that so readily strikes up such animosity (and considers it acceptable)?! Over a game, too! It seems that opinion is a somewhat misunderstood term - unless I'm in the wrong and as it frequently seems, the real meaning is 'your view is okay... as long as it is in line with mine'...

I haven't watched your latest episode yet, Matt and simply can't imagine what you've said to strike up such ire from a presumably thirty-seven year-old individual regarding of all things, your feelings with the game's dialogue. Anonymity and the freedom of a keyboard or not, that response is absolutely unwarranted and I'm only sorry to again see that like so many others across forums and sites, you have to deal with such nonsense.

As I'm uncertain if I've posted about Matt Chat before or not, I'd like to add and perhaps surprise you in saying that I've had little or no knowledge or indeed, previous interest in a great many of the games featured within your videos. Given that and a recent comment of yours in mind, the surprise may come when I say that I've enjoyed every single instalment. My viewing started in the early days and from the start it was a delight to witness such obvious enthusiasm allied with a presentation in which the speaker could capably string a few words together (well, that is your business, I suppose!). I'm someone with a great fondness for language, a person disappointed and slightly irritated with a modern-day international propensity to constantly over-enunciate, utilise strange intonations and utter ever-changing, bizarre pronunciations of even the simplest of words. Where's the clarity, emphasis and interest when the speaker is doing those things all of the time?! Then there's making every sentence sound like a question and using the same phrasing and set of words time after time after time (see: "Look...", "Y'know...", "Sort of...", "Kind of...", " well"). Hmm, I digress!

Away from my rambling, please do keep up the good work. It's genuinely a good shoe show - one so informative and entertaining that anticipation of a new feature remains high to this day. By the way, where you feel it applicable, a longer or multi-part form will always be welcome. Later interviews not having to succumb to the bounds of a ten-minute cut-off point has been a real strength in reflecting well on your work and though I appreciate that such a format is not for everyone, it is something that this one viewer would like to see continue.

Now where's Matt Chat 105? Come on, it's been... a whole day!

TLDR version: Boo! Yay! Keep going!
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