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Thanks, Gilgamesh. Yeah, I heard the same thing -- oh, you can't criticize game X because you haven't put 100 hours into it. Whatever. I generally expect a game to capture me as soon as the intro/tutorial type stuff is done. If I've played it for four hours and waiting for it to "pick up," I know something's wrong. If you keep on after four hours despite being bored with it, then you're either just determined to finish it or actually like it better than you realize.

It's like those people who sit through bad movies because "I paid for it." I have to laugh at that, because it just means you're paying for it twice, once in cash, the other in wasted time you could be doing something you enjoy more.

But anyway, one of the comments was apparently from a Polish gamer who claims that even the Polish voice acting is bad. That's really the nail in the coffin for me on this one.
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