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Originally Posted by Jgames View Post
, that's the meaning of intense!.
Between, haven't played it much, but it looks good, polished, and done with passion.
I hope you and Ian made a fair amount of cash out of it!
Unfortunately we only made a few thousand for two reasons, first it was released through Black Legend and they lived up to their name as one of the directors ran off with all the money a few months after release of Crystal Dragon (and Parys Technografx' Tower of Souls).
Also of course the release was a little late in the day for an Amiga game and after the blow with respect to Black Legend things went worse as Commodore began to fail and Amiga games disappeared from high street shelves.
I forever curse the Commodore management for the completely insane decision to produce a console device rather than doing what they should have and releasing a (cheap) native 68040 Amiga computer with vastly improved graphics by incorporating a quality graphics card (for the time) such as the Picasso.

Originally Posted by andreas View Post
Don't mention it! I just always like the stories these guys would tell from their former employers, also in respect to size/space/whatever limitations they had to face (and work around)!
Steve Parys of Parys Technografx is the one with the stories going back to the 8-bit days - for instance one company physically locked a programmer in a room and only opened the door to pass in food and to let him out to pay a visit.

A small correction - I'd forgotten that even using "save changes" we only managed to allow 2 saved games per floppy - the 5 saves was the hard drive version
I also didn't make clear - the saved games even on floppy were such that you could play the game to the final level then save it as save A, then go back to level 1 (making changes along the way) and save it as game B then go back down to the last level again making changes and if you then went back to level 1 things would basically be the same as they were on the way down (i.e. the current game levels were saved) - then if you loaded saved game B and went back to the last level things on the way down would be as they were when you saved game B and if you then loaded game A you'd again find all levels remembered as when saved.
I think there were 24 levels so altogether that's the equivalent of 3*24*(64k+32k) = 6.75MB on one 1.44MB floppy just for the level data - all without any knowledge (at the time) of "modern" compression methods such as Huffman encoding.

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