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Originally Posted by Mick View Post
I just browsed through my archived emails.

When I originally went through the checkout it came to $147 for 50 disks including UPS delivery (I think P+P was $90 or something daft ), but after a few emails my order was changed to 200 disks and it came to $193 total (including $50 P+P via USPS). I figured I'd might as well get 200 disks than have to order some more later, I think he said up to 300 could be sent like that.

P.S. You might get stung by customs too.
yah, i think so, i think i'll use the other place i found and see what the DSHD disks are like. they work out to 52cents a disk including shipping and because i only ordered 100 they should probably sneak thru customs
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