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Here is reply from SMRSoftware ref cost of shipping (to Canada...

Thanks for writing. You are correct, the postal service offers very attractive rates that most of our Canadian customers prefer. The Postal service offers a "Flat Rate Box" that can hold up to 300 disks and provides the best rate for any order over 50 disks. For the 100 disk order, the rate is $27.95 USD. For the 200 disk order, the rate is the same, but you would probably want to add insurance for $4.50 ( a certain amount of insurance is provided automatically on this service based on weight. It is roughly adequate for the 5lb 100 disk order, but for the 10 lb order of 200 disks, the automatic insurance is only $92.)
We just had another 30,000 disks manufactured, so our stock is fresh.

edit... 200 disk order would work out about 87cents each
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