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Hi scottyvdub

if you intend to use an RGB scart cable with an LCD/Plasma TV buy a cable from as they are fixed for modern TVs (there are plenty of threads about the issues here)

i second Steve's WHDLoad suggestion, along with a CF HD and ram expansion, buying all those classics from ebay will cost a small fortune

also you'll need a way to transfer the WHDLoad files from your PC to your Amiga, an easy way is to buy EasyADF, again from, the full package includes a PCMCIA adaptor, a CF card and a floppy disk for installation... you basically copy the files from your PC onto the CF card, insert the card into the PCMCIA adaptor which plugs in the slot on the left hand side of your Amiga, in workbench you can then just drag and drop the files on your Amiga's HD... it also allows you to transfer ADFs to floppy disk (in workbench) if you decide not to use WHDLoad

anyway... welcome and have fun!
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