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Hi Scotty!

Firstly welcome to EAB, you've come to the right place as you'll find lots of useful info from basic upgrades to damn right crazy OTT mods

Your A1200 is a nice base to start with, 3.0 Roms are fine, you only need 3.1 Roms if you want to run OS3.5/3.9 and even then there are ways around that.

I suggest a 4gb CF card (with CF-IDE adapter) which has space for about 2250 WHDLoad games, this will keep you busy Oh and check out Classic Workbench, its a pre installed Workbench pack with all the apps you need to make your return to the scene a little easier.

To run most games you'll need some kind of memory upgrade, an 4mb or 8mb trapdoor upgrade will be fine and shouldn't cost more than £40

From there the skys the limit, the Blizzard 1230's and such cards start at about the £100 mark and will give your A1200 a nice boost so you can play games like Doom and get more out of Workbench however most of the classics work fine with just a Ram upgrade.

There were some new Accelerators produced in 2010 by Individual Computers, I think they're sold out now the ACA1230's were priced starting at £85, I imagine they'll produce more as they were in good demand otherwise there are other options in between Ram and Blizzards 1230's like Viper/MTEC 1230's and Apollo/Blizzard 1220's which go for around £60 these will have a faster 020 or 030 processor and will give you a modest speed boost.

I think thats enough info for now, if you have any questions fire away

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