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hi everyone

hello, i have just dug out and vacumed out, my amiga 1200, havnt even looked at it for 15 years, she fired up first time. i had a quick look around work bench played a bit of road rash and had a go on zool 2, memmorys,
any way i opend the old 1200 to hoover, hopeing to find a blizzard or some kind of goodies but what i found was not a lot. no hard drive no card and 3.0 kickstarts. this is what i do have
the commodore A1200, id num-530311, made in the philipines.
logig 3 speed mouse!
gravis game pad.
saitek megastick iv.
original zool 2 disks
original road rash discs
copys of workbench 3.0 ,the very first,the works,page stream 2.2
and like i said 3.0 kickstarts.
I am not a complete and total novice but i dont know an awfull lot about amiga, so any infomation you can give me about my machine i would be gratefull, i guess this is the commodore machine rather than the escom.
What should i do with my 1200 now, i dont want to spend loads of money on the thing so i suppose i should get a hard drive,what type do you think a flash card? and maybe workbench 3.1 should i get the 3.1 kickstarts?
this is my first post so i have probably gone on a bit, but its quite exiting playing with the old retro 1200, thinking about geting a dreamcast.but like i said any info about the old 1200 would be great
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