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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
I think it would be good for some more technical questions to be asked in the interviews, like Codetapper does with his. How was certain effects implemented, why was something done a certain way, etc.
I will try to add a couple of more technical ish questions but I am not a programmer and therefore will have to keep them quite basic - I will look at Codetappers to see if there are any questions which could be appropriate to use- also in order to get a good response rate I tend to keep the questions to about 10 - I admire the detail of Codetapper's interviews but that level of detail would not be appropriate for programmers who made one or two shareware games which are my main interviewees. Also the level of response of the interviewees varies considerably - the same question can be answered in one line by one interviewee and then in a small paragraph by another. This is probably due to the interviewees time and in some cases their memory of why they made decisions over ten or twenty years ago.

I would like to thank everyone who has given their time to contributed to the interview section. It is much appreciated.

Any suggestions of pd / shareware programmers to contact for future interviews and suggested questions are always most welcome.
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