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I'm more interested in a drop-in MB replacement FPGA Amiga that fits in the original 1200 case and would probably pay up to about $500 for something really nice.

I'm less interested in a stand-alone enhanced AGA Mini-ITX MB but I guess I would consider buying one to replace my real 1200 one day.

I'm still not sure what advantage these boards give you over just using WinUAE though and what kind of 'feeling' you'd get from using one. I guess with a drop-in MB replacement it would be very easy to forget that it’s not using the original chipset whereas with the new MB in a PC case it might just feel like a slow PC?

It also looks very unlikley that we'll ever see a drop-in FPGA MB, maybe CloneA could be....but only Jens knows the answer to that one
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