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Originally Posted by Van Denhawk View Post
Thanks for the advice. Shipping costs from the US to the UK are more expensive than the disks themselves. I have found these new packs of 10 which seem expensive but it is about the price which the disks are selling these days.

Has anyone used these brands? I might order a pack of either of these.

The dysan brand is OK, never heard of the other brand, i would imagine its just a rebranded disk made by one of the bigger manufacturers. The disks i linked to in my previous post are actually the cheapest i found and that includes Canadian Stores, it seems they all charge outrageous handling and shipping costs which don't make small purchases worthwhile.

I ordered 100 disks from the site i linked to and it works out at 52c (32pence) a piece including shipping costs so it was worth it. The ones you linked to are 3 times more expensive (not including shipping costs) so it may be worth investigating the cost of shipping. (might even be worthwhile reselling to people as a service if shipping from here worked out cheaper. (I wouldnt plan on making a profit)

BTW, if anyone needs something that is only available to people in Canada/US and you are in Europe, let me know and we can see if we can get it remailed

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