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Here is the first of two Video's I've made today of OS4.1 running on my A1200T, this is the one with the 330mhz PPC and its got a Radeon 9250 128mb in it (Borrowed from AmigaFun @Amibay)

[ Show youtube player ]

This is the 'Games' Video, I test out the OS4 Port of Duke Nukem 3D which for some reason only runs in AGA mode...

I test a few versions of Quake here, first is the normal WarpOS port from OS3.9 which as you can see although in AGA runs very fast indeed. Then I fire up GLQuake for OS4 which you can see runs a little slow, to compare I run again QuakeWOS in 640x480 (software rendering)

Also tesing DoomWOS vs PRDoomGL for OS4 and a quick look at Wipeout2097 which has some glitches on the Radeon (square shadows) This looks ok on my Voodoo 3 though.


ps, Sorry for the slow loading speeds, my Fast EIDE and BlizPPC SCSI are not supported so we're on the native IDE!


And here is the second!

[ Show youtube player ]

I open, close and move a lot of Windows around so you can get to see the 3D Effects (Hardware Accel'd) in the OS and a quick demo of OWB the new browser.

You can also get a feel for the responsivness if the OS, it feels pretty slick to use, its still not a particually fast Web Browsing experience though however the pages are drawn correctly under OWB.

Anyway - hope you enjoy the Vids

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