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SEUCK Game Competition


I ve added a new section to my website where I attempt to create an Amiga game using the various game creator tools available (SEUCK - Backbone - GRAC and eventually AMOS programming) - the idea is to blog my journey through the game creators and hopefully encourage others to attempt to make new games aswell.

To start things off I have decided to use SEUCK for the first game as it is probably the most accessible, before moving onto Backbone or GRAC and tackling the more difficult Amos -

Anyway I thought it might be fun to run a competition alongside the blog - creating a bit of a game making community - and hopefully inspire others who have never used these programs or made a game to have a go and hopefully get inspired to move onto more complex challenges or team up with others to make new games.

Therefore the first Game competition is launched today for SEUCK.

The deadline for submissions will be 1st October 2011 to tie in with Amigapd's one year birthday.

I will try to get some sort of prize for the winner.

For inspiration see the top ten SEUCK listed on

To see my current progress visit

Any questions just ask.
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