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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post

Sorry for being rude to you earlier in the thread, I have well and truly been proven wrong!
In the world of LCD displays where 50Hz desktop is a rarity, your statement of non-smooth scrolling is actually very valid. You can't get jerk-free scrolling AND normal sounding audio at the same time in a 60Hz environment. From my experience it's either close-to-normal-but-not-quite-there audio with jerky scrolling, or too fast and therefore unusable audio with jerk-free scrolling. Both are poor choices imo (my 60fps videos ended up being bad examples as they represented the latter case).

And now that i did some further testing, i noticed that while audio is normal (i.e. no speed or out-of-tune/fluctuation problems), i was able to hear occasional audio anomalies (skip/crackle) in 50fps + 50Hz + VSync-off configuration where scrolling is jerk-free. Enabling VSync might help audio, but definitely causes jerks in scrolling. So in the end it's not possible to get the absolute best from both worlds under 50Hz environment either.

Audio sample from Turrican II gameplay. WinUAE output was 50fps / 1920x1080 / 50Hz / VSync off. I didn't notice any jerks in scrolling Audio is from Fraps recording:

Yet another Dropbox-link

It should also be noted that i used WinUAE sound buffer size 1 here. Perhaps if i raise it higher, it could help with those skips/crackles, but i don't like sound lagging behind screen events.
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