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Originally Posted by RMK View Post
The pics look good Steve. I feel for you with the issues you're having. I've had problems when installing new hardware.

I'm impressed with how the browser looks. Going to try OWB 68K on my A4000 when I get a cable run upstairs so I can wire it up through the Deneb.
Hey mate,

Thanks for the kind words

Got some good news, I solved the booting issues

Oh and its funny as well, because its something so simple!

I'd introduced a second optical drive for OS3.9 to use as part of my multiboot setup, with this connected to the secondary IDE OS4.1 wont boot, the reasson I was getting confused and thinking the issue was with the Voodoo 3 or Radeon plugged in was because it was booting from the Voodoo 5.

Guess why? Becuase I was borrowing the Molex out of the secondary optical drive to power the Voodoo 5

So now I can test some more, oh and I think I have a suitable sound card, my Teratec has ESS chipset

Good times.

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